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What Bailey has written is a rock-solid comprehensive primer which is hugely valuable to anyone contemplating bringing a product to manufacture. I would very much like my current team to read this book. … As Product People, they will be more knowledgeable, make more informed decisions, and ultimately set themselves up for even more success as they progress through their careers.”

Mark Vander Berg
Vice President Product Management, Alen Corporation

The $39 Mustache Comb book

Anyone interested in building products should grab a copy of this book. Even though I was somewhat familiar with prototyping and even some facets of (low volume) production, I still picked up quite a bit of new knowledge regarding the design phase, materials/material selection and various production methods (just to name a few examples). Bailey covers a ton of material but it’s still an easy read and I enjoyed the whimsical example (I kinda want one of those combs!) that we follow throughout the whole book. Great stuff. Do yourself a favor and read this cover to cover before moving forward with your idea, it will certainly put you ahead of the game in terms of time and money saved when it finally comes time to actually spin metal. Cheers.

Andrew Hunter
Amazon Review

  • Avoid manufacturing blunders

  • Build accurate budgets and timelines

  • Learn from real-life case studies

  • Demystify design-for-manufacturing

  • Engage the best vendors

Chapter 1: Manufacturing: What Does It Take?

Chapter 2: Product Development Steps and Timeline

Chapter 3: Design for Manufacturing: Anticipate Production Volume and Understand Tooling

Chapter 4: Plastic Manufacturing

Chapter 5: Metal Manufacturing

Chapter 6: Fabric and Textile Manufacturing

Chapter 7: Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Chapter 8: Design for Assembly

Chapter 9: Prototyping and 3D Printing

Chapter 10: From Prototype to Mass Production

Chapter 11: Documentation: Drawings and 3D CAD

Chapter 12: Vendor Selection: Where in the World to Manufacture?

Chapter 13: Review and Conclusion: Wrapping up the Mustache Comb

APPENDIX I: Sample Product Schedule

APPENDIX II: Plastic Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines

APPENDIX III: Standard Drill Bit Sizes

APPENDIX IV: Standard Sheet Metal Thickness

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