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Made in USA.

Updated: May 16, 2023

Believe it or not—and this is a rare one for the industry—we have a design that is manufactured in the USA; it made the most sense. The manufacturing technologies are accessible here. Shipping surprises are minimized. The price is right. Time to market is reduced.

This is the AquaSprouts Garden, shipping in December. You like fish? You like plants? Then raise them together in this unique self-sustaining environment.

The thermoformed growbed is manufactured in San Antonio, and the Baltic birch plywood panels are fabricated in the Texas hill country.

thermoforming tooling
AquaSprouts thermoforming mold: Made in San Antonio, Texas

Thermoformed parts are often quite large, and frequently manufactured in modest quantities—two traits that make it more attractive to produce close by. Cabinet making has remained strong in the USA for similar reasons. Our plywood panels come from this tradition. They are efficiently nested and CNC routed to shape on automated equipment.

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